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What Happens If A Car Is Not Serviced

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  • 14-04-2022
What Happens If A Car Is Not Serviced

 What happens if a car is not serviced? Find out more about the problems you are likely to experience if you neglect to service your car.

What Is A Service

Similar to us humans, cars need their health checkups. It is a wise decision to service your car, as car servicing helps prevent future issues. You can get your car serviced by taking it to a car garage.

In the garage, you'll be assisted by professional mechanics, and they will check and examine everything; these can include your engine, engine oil, fluid levels, and lighting. If there are any problems or anything that is considered damaged, they'll help by repairing or replacing these parts.


What Happens If A Car Is Not Serviced?

If you fail to have your vehicle subjected to regular maintenance, you can be putting yourself at risk of avoidable issues and accidents. 

An example would be if your brake pads are not subject to regular servicing, which means they can fail when needed the most, which can cause a serious problem. 

It can also cause a risk of serious problems to other drivers on the road.

When your car isn't receiving regular maintenance, the engine won't burn fuel properly. 

This means that the exhaust system may not work as intended. In turn, this will create more emissions, which is causing long-term environmental pollution issues.

When it comes to poor fuel economy, vehicle maintenance can be what causes it, or lack thereof. This is because a car that is receiving regular servicing will run and operate at optimal levels. This then helps the car burn less fuel when being used.

When you don't get regular servicing, the efficiency of the car will decrease, which can cause it to burn more fuel which in turn cost car owners more money. If you're spending more money on fuel than you need to, that can cost you even more, when you need to repair the current issue.

When dust, sand, and moisture accumulate, the engine can develop clogs. Regular service will help prevent the levels of build-up that cause these engine clogs. 

If you do not have your car subjected to regular service, then this could cause future problems, and the clogs will develop and cause your car to malfunction. This is why is important to get your car serviced.

If you skip out on regular maintenance, you may not identify any current issues with your car. An example would be hidden engine damage that you had no idea was there, or maybe a damaged oil filter that you weren't aware of. There are problems you may be facing without realising it.

Even a minor problem may increase to a major problem. So having your car subjected to that regular service may prevent any future issues, saving you a bunch of money and keeping the car's health up to the highest standard. 

Services may be costly, but it's best to consider them an investment. You want your car to keep operating as long as possible, and without regular servicing, that will not happen.

A regular service on your car can help significantly reduce the wear and tear of your vehicle. If you don't subject your car to regular service, this can cause some serious issues in the long run. 

Your car's health will deteriorate rapidly, and therefore your car's overall lifespan is reduced drastically. If your car doesn't have a decent lifespan, then you're wasting money in the future.

Do all cars need a service?

If you are currently the owner of a brand-new car, or you're maybe planning on buying a new one, you will not be required to service your car for three years. This is because, during the manufacturing process, the cars are thoroughly inspected, which makes them extremely reliable. 

Cars that aren't brand-new or cars that have gone past that three-year mark will have to get a service. This is to ensure that it is safe to drive and that it works to the highest level of efficiency it can. 

Is an MOT the same as a service?

It is a common thought that servicing and MOT are the same thing or follow the same process; this is wrong.

It is important to make sure you book your car in to be subjected to both types of assessments. 

MOTs are tests that are only carried out once a year, checking your car and making sure it is in line with the legal requirements of the road and making sure it is fit to be driven on the road. 

MOT checks are required by law, and if you have an invalid MOT, there is a high chance that your insurance will be cancelled. 

So there is a difference between an MOT and a service. In its simplest form, An MOT is checking the vehicle's worthiness of being on the road. 

Whereas, servicing will go into a deep examination of the vehicle and check each and every part of your car to make sure there are no damages or mechanical issues.

If any issues or damages have been found within the car, the mechanics that are working on your vehicle will either repair or replace these parts. This is done for yours and everyone else's safety.

 What Happens If A Car Is Not Serviced?

Should you buy a car that hasn't been regularly serviced?

When it comes to buying a car, there are a few things to take into account. It is important that a car is regularly serviced, and you may find a car on the market that hasn't been used or driven a lot and hasn't been serviced.

If you're in need of advice, a mechanic will help you get the best idea if the car is worth the asking price. The wisest idea will be to buy a car that has had a good clean bill of health.

Taking into account that some cars may be healthy now, but historically they may have had some serious issues, it's best to look into this to make sure you won't be facing any serious issues long-term. 

If you require annual servicing, choose a garage that you can trust. Follow the link below to contact a car service mechanic in Watford.