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Non fault Insurance Claim

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  • 01-01-2019
Non fault Insurance Claim

Car accidents are never a pleasant experience, especially when it's not your fault.  Once you have dealt with the scene immediately after the accident, you are ready to make a claim. There are generally two ways to claim; you can either claim through your insurance, or the other party's insurance coverage. Before deciding what course of action is best for you, there are two key things you need to know.

What is a non-fault claim?

This is when your car insurance provider can claim back the costs from the person (or their insurer) of all damages resulting from an accident.  

The definition of an at-fault car insurance claim is when you are held liable for the damages caused and will have to pay costs. This can happen even when the accident was not your fault. You may think it sounds unreasonable, yet it is usually as a result of a third party collision, such as an animal, or when the other driver leaves the scene without providing their details. As only your details are known, you have to pay costs. 

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Do I need to declare a non-fault claim?

Car insurance firms would expect you to declare any accidents or incidents you have been involved in for the last five years. If you do not previous non-fault claims, your car insurance could be declared invalid if your provider finds out about it later. Honesty is always the best option

Insurance premiums are based on risk. Therefore being involved in an incident and making a non-fault claim will increase your car insurance costs. Research has shown that people involved in car accidents whether at fault or not are more likely to be involved in another accident. While your premiums will increase, you should not lose your no claims discount.  

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Do I have to pay the Excess if it's not my fault?

Your excess policy is a part of your car insurance policy you have never given any thought about. The excess is the part of the car insurance you will always have to pay, irrespective of who has been found liable for causing the incident.  

The only time this does not apply is when the third party admits liability and waives your excess costs. If you can prove that the accident was the other person's fault, then you will recover 100% of the costs including your excess. Should the other insurer accept that responsibility is shared 50/50 then, you would get 50% of your excess refunded. 

If you are involved in an accident, it is important to find an accident repair garage that you can trust. Follow the link below to contact a car repair mechanic in Watford.