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Are you looking for an MOT test centre in Watford and the surrounding Hertfordshire areas? We offer MOT testing and repair for individual customers and corporate fleets.

An MOT certificate is used to confirm that the car tested has met the minimum environmental standards and road safety requirements as required by the law. However, after using the vehicle for a period of time, you will have to service it regularly to improve its lifespan and performance.


The Ministry of Transport (usually referred as an MOT) is an annual safety check to ensure that a vehicle meets the exhaustion emission levels and minimum safety standards set by DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency). By law, any vehicle that is three years old or more is supposed to have an MOT test. 

During this test, the person nominated to test your vehicle (a person designated by DVSA to check your vehicle) conducts a thorough inspection to ensure that your car is roadworthy. This is important to ascertain your safety as well as that of other road users. As a car owner, you should understand that having an MOT test is very different from having your vehicle serviced.

mechanic checking car MOT


In most cases, this test takes 45 to 60 minutes depending on the speed of the nominated tester and the make of your car among other factors. You can either leave your vehicle to be tested and come back later or wait for it on site whilst the test is being completed. In fact, you can follow the entire testing process from an MOT viewing area from our reception.

In some cases, your car may require some repair or maintenance services after the MOT test. We will provide you with a reasonable quote to carry out any recommended repairs. If your car fails the MOT, we offer a free re-test within 10 days of the original test. You can nominate another garage to carry out any necessary repairs.


Driving without an MOT does not necessarily mean that your insurance is invalid. In most cases, the insurance companies still compensate when your car is stolen or damaged. However, the payout will be reduced to reflect the actual value of a vehicle without an MOT. 

Some policies insist that you should have an MOT for your insurance to be valid. Therefore, it is important to know the terms and conditions of your policies. As a result, if you are driving on a public road and you don't have an MOT, you might be fined by the police because it is against the law. The only exception is when you are driving to an already booked MOT test, and the road is a direct route to the garage or the MOT centre.


Although an MOT does not cover the clutch, gearbox and the condition of an engine, it covers a range of checks that include the brakes, seat belts, mirrors, exhaust, fuel system and windscreen wipers. Here are the items checked to determine whether a vehicle is roadworthy:

car MOT checklist

  • Driver's view on the road
  • Brakes
  • Tyres and road wheels
  • Lights, reflectors and electrical equipment
  • Seatbelts and restraint systems
  • Exhaust, fuel and emissions
  • Body, structure & general items
  • Steering and suspension

What we check in an MOT

1. Body and vehicle structure: the body, bonnet, engine mountings, chassis,  seats, doors and boot are all checked
2. Fuel system: The fuel system is checked that it is secure and free from leaks.
3. Exhaust: Exhaust is checked for emissions according to vehicle age and type.
4. Exhaust system: The exhaust system is inspected to ensure it doesn't leak and is secure.
5. Seat belts: Compulsory seat belts should be in place and in good condition.
6. Seats: Security and condition of seat belts are checked.
7. Doors: Doors should be openable and latch properly.
8. Mirrors: Mirrors should be secure and in a good position.
9. Brakes: Brakes, pedals and levers are inspected along with warning lights.
10. Boot: The boot should be secured in position when closed.

11. Tyres and wheels: Tyres will need to be appropriate speed and load rating for the vehicle with correct tread depth.
12. Registration plates: Registration plates must be clearly legible and securely fixed.
13. Lights: Front, rear, brake, fog, indicator and registration plate lights and rear reflectors must be in good condition and correctly positioned.
14. Bonnet: Bonnet is checked so that it is securely latched.
15. Wipers and washers: Wipers and washers should work to provide a visible view of the road.
16. Windscreen: The Windscreen needs to be free from obstruction and damage.
17. Horn: Horn must be loud enough to be heard by other road users.
18. Steering and suspension: Shock absorbers and Suspension components should be free from corrosion, distortion and fractures. The strength and condition of the steering wheel are checked.
19. Vehicle identification number (VIN): VIN plate should be secured to the vehicle or etched on the body or chassis.

If you are looking for an MOT test centre in Watford and Hertfordshire contact 01923 239460 to book your test or servicing.