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Checking Insurance Claim History

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  • 05-02-2019
Checking Insurance Claim History

There are three motor insurance databases with data about insurance claims: MIB, MIAFTR and CUE. 

MIB (Motor Insurer's Bureau) was formed in an attempt to minimise fraudulent insurance claims as well as ensuring there is insurance data record. It comprises two other databases-CUE (Claims Underwriting Exchange) and MIAFTR (Motor Insurance Anti-Fraud and Theft Register). Claim records are held in CUE while records on write-off vehicles are held in MIAFTR.


MIB deals with uninsured motorists. Being a non-profit organisation, it is funded by insurance companies. MIB is supposed to reimburse motorists who are hit by uninsured drivers. The funds come from insurance premiums contributed by law-abiding motorists. 

The motor insurance database (MID), keeps data of insured motor vehicles; MIB is responsible for managing MID. 

Third parties are allowed to have access to MID. However, becoming authorised party requires a user agreement. To gather all this information, MIB works closely with DVLA and the police.


discussing car insurance claims history

What is the CUE Database?

CUE is fully managed by a company called Insurance Database Services Ltd; it's a non-profiting company for member organisations. These organisations include insurance companies and other transport companies and local authorities.

Any public member can view their stored information as per data protection laws. However, you are required to make a data access request then pay a small fee to get these privileges. The database should only hold information that was given by the claimant or the holder of the policy on claim or application form, plus any information regarding the claim or incident. Insurers can then use CUE to determine renewal or premiums based on incidents which the client has an obligation to report, even if they are minor incidents.

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