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Anyone who operates a fleet of vehicles understands that it is essential to ensure that they are regularly serviced. Servicing the vehicles will make sure that they do not break down as a result of damage which can be prevented. This helps to improve the cost-effectiveness of the vehicle and improves the overall efficiency of the operation.

Vehicle servicing enhances a very crucial work which includes changing the filter and oil and carrying out thorough inspections. The in-depth servicing of your vehicle gives you a good idea of the condition in which it is and the area to focus on in future. It creates awareness for the owner of any possible risk of damage before it occurs.

Our mechanics are trained to work on all makes and models of small commercial vehicles to provide a comprehensive service to our clients in Watford, Bushey and Hemel Hempstead.

mechanic inspecting car

Routinely servicing one's vehicles is of great benefit such as minimising the carbon emission from the vehicles which can pollute the environment. There is a longer working life of the engines in serviced vehicles. This reduces the risk of costly repair which might occur In future. We can offer you an flexible and affordable service of fleet management whether you have 3 or 30 vehicles. There is no limitation on the number of vehicles on the plan.

Well experienced technicians are the one who performs all the work using the modern equipment for diagnosing. All of our work and the parts are guaranteed, and we follow the manufacturer's recommendations for safety and the better service using the genuine parts of the manufacturers. 

We provide higher competitive labour and parts rates which offers a cost-effective solution compared to other dealers. Contact us via 01923 239460 to discuss how we can help you manage your fleet of vehicles.

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Servicing the vehicles competently is essential in any kind of business. It enables the reduction of damages, maximising the use of fuel and reduces future repairs. 

We ensure that we offer you a quality servicing and convenient operation of various vehicle makes and models. Preparation enables the business to thrive, and we can have a maintained schedule to ensure that the vehicle meets road safety measures and standards.


Managing and servicing just a single vehicle can be stressful, and you can imagine how much additional stress there must be in order to efficiently maintain multiple vehicles.

 At MOT Garage Watford we provide various services including the repair of vehicles in Watford, Bushey and the surrounding areas. We offer a reliable service where our skilled team ensures that all your needs are met. 

Call 01923 239460 for commercial fleet servicing and MOT in Watford and Hertfordshire.