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Does A Car Need Servicing Every Year?

It is highly recommended by professionals to have your car serviced fully every year or for every 12,000 miles. Full servicing your car involves a lot of things to ensure that your car is operating normally and it is in its right condition. 

Adhering to manufacturer's servicing schedule is one of the ways you can have your car running just fine. There are other types of servicing such as interim servicing and Essential Car Care to keep your car in its best condition.

For instance, if you fail to have regular checkups and servicing, you may fail to change the oil of your car or worse, use your car with low fluid levels. This means that you can seriously damage your car engine thus incurring higher repair or replacement costs. 

When you fail to service your car for a long period of time, you might start seeing or hearing strange signs and noises respectively. 

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Therefore, if you have started seeing some of these signs, it is the best time to take your car for a checkup. You should not wait until your car start showing serious signs of breakdown or that you need to repair it because you might end up spending more than you anticipated.

What are the benefits of regular servicing?

With regular servicing, you will see a lot of benefits from your car including fuel efficiency, improved braking, better handling and the engine runs smoothly. Your car will be more reliable because possible faults have been fixed and there are little chances that your car will break down. You will end up saving a lot of money in the long run by avoiding emergency repairs which you hadn't planned for.

Finally, you will improve the market value of your car. When it comes to selling your car, you can get a high market value because you will sell it with ease and get the best quote from the buyer. A car that's in perfect condition sells faster and servicing your car keeps it in its best condition.

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Types of Car Servicing

There are numerous types of car servicing among them basic, full, major and manufacturer servicing. The type of services and cost differ with the most expensive servicing offering a more complete check to the car owner. Here are some of the services included:

  • Changing the oil
  • Changing the oil filters
  • Visual inspection
  • Check the levels of key fluids
  • Checking the brakes

What type of servicing do I need?

The type of services you need will vary depending on the intervals between the services and the amount of mileage between servicing. You are advised to have a full service every year and then have basic servicing now and then to keep your car in its best condition.