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Are you looking for clutch repair and replacement in Watford and Hertfordshire? Contact our garage today on 01923 239460.

The clutch is an important part of your vehicle as it uses a complex mechanism to transfer power from one component to another. 

As the system itself involves several moving components, it will need to be replaced at some point in their lifetime either due to wear from excessive mileage or mechanical fault. 

If you notice any strange sounds when you are changing gears, or any stiffness when you are pressing on the clutch pedal, you may require clutch repair or replacement. Please get in touch and see how we can help.

CLUTCH REPAIR AND REPLACEMENT Watford and Hertfordshire -mechanic inspecting car clutch

We are specialised in the following services;

  • Clutch Inspection
  • Clutch Fault finding
  • Clutch replacement and adjustment

It can be difficult to tell when your clutch needs replacement especially if you are not a motoring expert, but there are few warning signs to look out for such as;

  • Hard to engage gears
  • Shudder when changing gears
  • Burning smell from the vehicle
  • Power loss or poor acceleration
  • Clutch pedal not returning

When the condition of your clutch system deteriorates, it does not only affect the overall performance but also the economy of your vehicle. A clutch is designed to help your vehicle run the way it should and upon wearing out, it reduces the power of your vehicle and increases fuel consumption. Most importantly, your vehicle can completely lose drive if the worn out clutch is left unattended. If you suspect any of the above problems, bring your car to us for clutch repair & replacement.

Signs that you need a new clutch fitted: 

  • When changing gears becomes difficult
  • When there is a grinding or rattling sound when you change gears
  • Engine revs either climb or fall at random
  • When you rev the engine but your car fails to increase in speed
  • The clutch might seem to ‘slip' thereby causing a complete loss of drive or loss of acceleration

mechanic explaining to customer

What's the cost of car clutch replacement?

When taking your car to a mechanic for a clutch replacement, one of the most important things you'd want to know is how much it will cost. Well, we can't give you the exact quote as it changes depending on the model of your car and the nature of the problem. However, we are very transparent and our expert clutch fitters will examine your vehicle and tell you what we need to do and how much it's likely to cost upfront.

How long does the clutch fitting service take?

We understand how important your car is to you and once you come to us, we will take an hour to do a free clutch check. Our highly trained and dedicated technicians will use their expertise to fit a replacement clutch on the same day to ensure that you enjoy a flawless drive.

If you are looking for clutch repair and replacement in Watford and Hertfordshire call MOT Garage Watford today on 01923 239460.