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Watford and Hertfordshire

Do you require car servicing in Watford and Hertfordshire? Call your local garage today on 01923 239460.

Here at MOT Garage Watford we strive for providing you with excellent car service using only the best of materials. We are committed to honouring the manufacturer's servicing schedules. All parts used are of the highest quality and recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. 

Our modern diagnostic equipment is manufactured by Sun and Bosch, enabling us to provide you with premium auto repair services. This includes free customer pick-up and delivery, a complimentary vehicle to use in the event that your car should need extensive repairs and be required to stay at our shop for several days.  


Having your vehicle serviced by MOT Garage Watford on a regular basis comes with its advantages, including: 

  • Fewer chances of breaking down, thus reducing the need of repair
  • Minimal auto repair costs during the life of the vehicle
  • Less overall fuel consumption
  • Lower repair charges than main dealers
  • Complimentary courtesy car
  • Customer collection & delivery services (within a reasonable distance)
  • The checking of window, door and seat belt operating conditions
  • The lubrication of locks and hinges 

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All of our services are one step above the rest! Thus, the basic service we provide includes a changing out of your oil and filter, plus we will also perform a visual inspection as well. Using only the best fluids in your car, which includes (power steering fluid, window washing fluid, antifreeze and brake fluid). We're also equipped for checking up to 35 main components as well. Allowing you to rest easy about the running condition of your vehicle.  

Full-service car maintenance usually includes all of the services mentioned previously, including a check of up to 30 additional car components (an upgrade from our basic service). And if there should be any problems detected, our shop will contact you just as with the basic service. 


Our annual full service ensures that your car is running at peak performance. We can provide you with inspections, adjustments, spark plug replacement, oil changes, oil filter replacement or replacing of your air filter.  

The full car services in which we provide vary depending on the vehicle, but for a better understanding, here's a list of those offered:

  • Oil changes  
  • A check of the alternator and/or battery  
  • The replacement of air filter, spark plugs, oil filter, cabin filter and fuel filter (as needed)  
  • An inspection of every switch in the vehicle  
  • Inspection of car tyres  
  • Brake inspection and cleaning  
  • Road test
  • The checking of fluid levels  
  • Performing emission tests  
  • Aligning headlights of the vehicle
  • An overall inspection of the vehicle, including its underside
  • Suspension, exhaust and steering check-ups   


While working on your car, if we should find any additional problems, we'll promptly contact you about the estimated cost and discuss the issues found. We are dedicated to providing you with optimum service and reliability. 

You have the option of choosing our annual full service, or interim repair services to ensure the safety and performance of your vehicle.

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If you are looking for car servicing near me in Watford and Hertfordshire call MOT Garage Watford today on 01923 239460.