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How Long Does It Take To Repair A Car After A Crash?

Since car crashes vary greatly, the time to repair a car after crash varies too, some cars can be repaired in a few days, weeks or months while others may take even years depending on the type of crash and the damage the car has sustained. 

Mechanics can also determine the amount of time needed to repair a car. For instance, depending on  skills and experience, a certain mechanic might take less time than the other. 

Depending on the extent of damage, your car may have to be towed or towed to more than one mechanic. 

The main objective here is to have your car repaired by an expert. Nevertheless, if you think that the mechanic cannot repair your car professionally, you need to inform your insurance provider to get other options. Here are some of the factors to consider:

Car Accident Repairs in Watford And Hertfordshire - mechanic changing brake of vehicle

  • The length of time your insurance provider takes to process, approve a claim and locate a good repair shop
  • The number of cars waiting to be repaired
  • The extent of damage to your vehicle
  • The type of car you own, for instance, if you own a foreign car, sports car or a type of speciality vehicle, you may have to wait for a longer period of time. This is because replacement parts may be shipped from other areas

Even though there is no specific formula of estimating the amount of time it will take to repair your car after a crash, here are some of the things you need to know before and during the repair.

1) Get a repair estimate from your insurance company

After you've been involved in a car accident, a claims adjuster from your insurance company should offer you a repair estimate. This entire process should take 2-5 days depending on your insurance provider. It is important to understand that the estimate and the time taken to repair your vehicle can differ greatly due to a number of reasons. Therefore, to get the most accurate estimate, you need to talk to other repair shops in your area in addition to your claims adjuster.

2) Evaluate the damage your car incurred

The damage to your vehicle can determine the estimate and the amount of time taken to repair your car. 

For instance, minor repairs such as replacing your bumper take less time but when you are involved in a major car accident, it might take a longer period of time to repair your vehicle because there are other factors to be considered. 

You need to carefully evaluate the damage incurred by your car by getting estimates from your insurance provider as well as from other repair shops near you.

3) Include all the factors that could delay the repair

Some car owners make a mistake of failing to show up until the last day when they estimated the car repairs to be completed. 

This is wrong because there are a number of reasons that may delay the repair of your vehicle. If you would like to have a smooth repair process, communicate with your mechanic and insurance provider from time to time to determine whether there is any problem.

Some of the factors that can delay your car getting repaired include the following:

  • A mechanic called in sick, has a family emergency or simply requires more time to finish the repairs.
  • When there are additional faults that the mechanic has discovered while repairing your car
  • If your insurance provider is unable to pay the mechanic on time. Your car will have to serve as collateral until the mechanic is paid.

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How much does it cost to fix car body damage?

Given the wide range of damage done to a car body, the price it will cost to fix the damage varies widely. From cosmetic scratches to the car body paint to replacing entire components, car body repairs can stretch anywhere from £50 - £2,000. 

The car model and mechanic or garage you choose may also affect the price of car body repairs. Researching average car body repair prices for different models may even influence the car model that you buy. 


Porsches, for example, are close to one of the most expensive sports cars to repair when it comes to the high-quality car body. If you already have a car, becoming familiar with repair prices can help you to plan for any surprise future expenses. 

Is it worth repairing a car after an accident?

The best way to know whether your car is worth repairing after an accident is by comparing your car's current value against what it would cost to carry out the repairs. 

The best way to keep track of your car's value is to use online databases, such as the Kelly Blue Book. Checking your car's value is something you should do pretty regularly, almost like checking your credit rating. 

If the repairs your car needs after an accident are higher than what your vehicle is currently worth, it may not be the best move to allow the repairs to go ahead. However, the cost of repairs will depend on which body shops you visit. 

Individual body shops may charge more or less for certain repair services, so it is best to research where you might be able to get the best deal on any car body repairs. 

Can I choose who repairs my car after an accident?

Of course, it is your car, so you may choose who you want to repair any damage. 

Your insurance provider may have a list of mechanics who they approve of to carry out repair services for their customers. These choices are, however, the best fit for your insurer - not you. 

You shouldn't allow your insurers to push you into going to a specific engineer or garage if you have another one in mind for the job. 


Your insurer may try to worry their customers with tales of long delays or extra costs, but their customers should ignore this. 

Again, your vehicles are entirely under your control, and you may choose whoever you like to perform your repairs for you. 

Who pays for car repairs in an accident?

Many elements determine whose insurance company will pay for any repair work in the event of an accident. Generally, if one individual caused the accident, then their insurer would pay - unless specific exceptions are in place. 

Typically, however, each insurance company would pay for their individual repairs. If someone causes an accident, then their property damage liability insurance, which is a legal requirement to own, should cover and repairs incurred in the accident. 

The victim of a crash must contact their insurance provider and offer evidence that the other driver involved in the accident was negligent for the insurer to provide any repair work payments. 

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